September 15, 2017

Overflowing Dishwasher

Tips For Handling an Overflowing Dishwasher and Successfully File a Claim

A dishwasher is one of the modern kitchen appliances that make life easy for anyone and saves you so much time when it’s working as it should. However, the dishwasher lines and hoses can leak or burst out in the process of a wash cycle filling your kitchen with water.

Sometimes you may find a water pool in your kitchen, and you may not know how the leaks started. Whichever the case, an overflowing dishwasher is not a problem you can overlook as the water damage to your floor can be terrible and costly.

Here some of the reasons why you may have an overflowing dishwasher or leaks.

Excess Soap Suds

Using too much soap or even poor quality of dishwasher detergent might result to too much soap stuck in dishwasher causing it to flood the floor with a sudsy mess.

A faulty gasket

The rubber that seals around the door of your dishwasher is called a gasket. Sometimes it can be worn out or has tear causing slow leaks found on your kitchen floor.

A spoiled Float System

Your dishwasher has a float that rises as the water level increases. Once the water level is enough, the float signals the switch to turn off the water flow.  If either the switch or the float is faulty, water flows uncontrolled causing an overflow.

Faulty Valve

A dishwasher has an inlet valve that brings water into it. It shuts off once the dishwasher has enough water. If it’s defective, it causes water leakages.

What to do to stop water damages

After flooding or leaks, try and halt the flow as soon as early as possible. Dry up the floor as much as you can and move items that could get spoiled by water to another room. Take pictures of the flooded area and the dishwasher for documentation.

You might need to hire cleaning services to dry out your floor and also need some slight repairs to protect your home from additional damage. Keep receipts because some insurance companies pay for such expenses.


Filing an Insurance Claim for Water Damages

Once you discover that your dishwasher has a problem causing water damage, you may need to examine the extent of damage caused the overflow and let your insurance company know immediately. Don’t tamper with anything until the insurance agents and your claim adjuster does their assessment.

Some home insurance policies holders are not aware of how much water damage their policy covers. It is advisable you get a claim adjuster to help you understand your policy details

It can be disappointing and frustrating when your claim gets rejected because your policy does not cover some water damages. Some homeowner insurance policy may cover only damages arising from accidental incidences. Where they ascertain neglect or lack of proper maintenance, the insurance may not take responsibility. A claims adjuster will help you get the most out your policy.

Some of these problems are avoidable with proper and constant maintenance and usage. With proper care, a dishwasher can work just fine. However, if accidental water overflow happens, or a leak goes unnoticed, it’s time to follow up with your insurance to know how much water damage they cover as you look for repairs.

Overflowing Dishwasher
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