September 15, 2017

Roof Leak

Useful Tips for Filling a Roof Replacement Claim

Discovering roof leaks in your house can stressful and destructing.  Roof leaks can cause extensive damage to a home if the cause of the leak is not addressed and acted upon promptly.  They cause a big damage to your walls, foundation and the structural setting of your home.

These signs will show you that your roof is leaking

  • Water stains on the wall or ceiling followed by a discoloration may be a great indication that there is a leak somewhere.
  • Water drips, or moisture on the walls are signs that there is a roof leak and should not be ignored.
  • Water spots where the walls meet with the ceiling. If you discover spots at your roofline, the chances are that you have a roof leak.
  • Missing shingles and other roofing components or falling debris on your downspouts

Once you have established that you have a roof leak follow these steps to ensure that your process to claim for a roof replacement is smooth processed.

Get a roofing contractor to inspect your roof

Look for a licensed contractor to investigate and make a report on the severity of the roof leak.  Getting an expert to do a report it’s essential since even small roof leaks may be an indication of a big damage to your house, especially after a storm. It’s advisable that you get a contractor who understands the insurance policies on roofing.


If a roof leak is a result of a recent storm, you may need to take pictures of the damaged parts of your roof to get documented evidence for your claim process. The roofing contractor can help with getting pictures that capture the whole extent of the damage.

In some instances, you may need to replace a few items or carry out some repairs for you to be able to continue staying in the house. If this happens, document all the receipts for the expenses incurred to get a reimbursement during your claim process. Also, notify your insurance company in writing about the measures you are taking to reduce the damage

Get in touch with your insurance company

Contact your insurance company immediately you have ascertained that you have a roof leak to notify them. Review your current policy to see what kind of damages the policy covers and the ones it does not cover.

Remember that time plays a significant role in depreciation, therefore, factor in the age of your roof as some insurance companies use that to only cover a certain percentage of your roofing cost.

When you a have a roof leak, try and mitigate your damages by having minor repairs that stop further damages happening to your roof. Secondly, take photos before doing the repairs as you will need them during your insurance claim.

To get a sustainable claim from your insurance company, you may need to seek the services of a claim adjuster to help you carry out an accurate assessment of damages caused. The adjuster will explain the gray areas of your policy that if not addressed might result in rejection of your claim. Hiring an adjuster will save you from the long tiring process of getting your insurance to pay for the damages.

Roof Leak
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